Feature request and possible bug

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It would be nice if future versions of Loopy would support sending the metronome sounds to a specific channel. I would like my bass sounds to play out through my bass rig and would like the metronome sounds to go out to a headphone amp (and headphones) for my drummer. For my specific setup I'm using an Alesis iO4. I'd like all my bass stuff on CH1 for input an Left for output and the metronome sounds to go out of the Right output.

Also, I have noticed a little bit of distortion or clipping at the end (or beginning) of loops that I've recorded. It's almost as if recording stops too abruptly when I step on my record toggle switch. It's that or it's not smoothing out the transition from the end of the loop to the start of the loop, resulting in a little "crunch" noise.


  • It's not recording the actual click is it? I know you can hear my pedals click anywhere in the room if its quiet!! Why not compare singing loop stopped with fingers on screen to same stopped with pedal... Just to check?

    I'm also trying to remember what Michael said about whether recording stops when you press pedal or when you release (prob dependent on controllers sent - mine is single press - button lights up).


  • It might be handy too if you emailed me a sample ('Email', from the track share menu - michael at atastypixel dawt com). I'm painfully aware that there's some weird bug floating around that's introducing a few glitches. Might be that.

  • @garywi06: The FCB1010 pedals don't make any sound. Also, I'm not using a microphone. I'm using a bass guitar through an Alesis iO4 into the iPad's dock connection. This seems like a rough transition between the end and the beginning of the loop.

    @Michael: Thank you. I will do that in the next day or two.

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