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Simple app setup (with QWERTZ keyboard) for jam or live perfomance with multiple instruments

My basis idea is to use multiple sound effect or synth apps for multiple instuments, create presets (ideally I can also create the presets by myself) and choose them instantly with a QWERTZ keyboard (or an easy similar solution). Everything through my iPhone to loop with Loopy HD (so no android, no windows).

Used instruments should be:

  • guitar (acoustic or electric)
  • MIDI keyboard (Akai MPC Mini Play mk3). I use the play version so that my daughters can just use it to play without computer.
  • Microphone

What I need are apps, where I can set or create several preset and which I can select with QWERTZ keyboard (bluetooth or cable connected). These apps should be compatible with apps like Audiobus, AUM, etc, so that I can combine and bring the sounds into Loopy HD.

For example, I want to use my QWERTZ keyboard to select preset as follows:

  • Set numbers 1-5 as preset for different guitar sounds. Press "1" to get clean sound, press "2" for rock, "3" is bass, etc.
  • Set numbers 6-10 as presets for different drum sounds on the drum pad (only) on the Akai mini. _Important to mention hear that I want to set the drum pads only, not the keyboard (piano). _
  • Set some letters as preset for the keyboard (piano) sound. So when I press "Q", I instantly have a clean piano, when I press "W", I receive some oriental sounds or so.
  • So on with the microphone.

I know how to connect everything and I assume I will be able to use audiobus (or another app) to bring all sounds to loopy, but I have no idea which apps I can use for this setup. If an alternative for audiobus is required to fulfil the idea, please let me know. If possible, I would like to avoid using a DAW software, due to complexity and price. I want to set everything in advance (with adjust possibilities of course) so that I can plug and play afterwards.

I do not need millions of sounds, the easier the better (of course with acceptable quality). Purchasing apps is also fine, but should not be a fortune (maybe couple of € per app).

I very much looking forward to learn from your experience, because I think this would be the best setup for me to jam and maybe perform live and I was not yet able to find such a setup (neither in forums nor in YouTube videos).

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