Loopy iPhone 5 and Bluetooth pedals

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Hi Great app!!! I loved the Bluetooth pedal options and they worked flawlessly with iPhone 4S But in iPhone 5 they don't work. I am testing them side by side with both an airturn and cicada pedals. Hard to explain what it does in iPhone 5 but to say it does not do the command u program it to as it does with no problems in iPhone 4S Both pedals don't work with the iPhone 5 in the same way so it does not seem to be the pedals Just FYI And I think the cicada pedal is a bit faster than the airturn as far as latency Could be all in my mind(the latency speed that is) Thanks for a great app -wynn


  • Hmm, interesting - does it report the correct keystrokes in the binding setup screen?

  • Hi! I am also having trouble using my airturn pedal for loopy hd on the ipad2. Just bought it yesterday, and was really disappointed when it did'nt work on loopy -that was the main reason I bought this rather expensive pedal.. I can assign keystroke bindings, but loopy seem to pick up the command randomly, which makes it pretty useless. I have tested the pedal with other compatible apps, and seem to work just fine, so I guess this is a software issue. I've also never prgrammed a midi device before, but I think I set it up properly.. Any help would be highly appreciated :)

  • It seems that Loopy works best with the AirTurn BT-105 set to profile #2 (turn the BT-105 off, close both pedals at the same time, turn on the BT-105, and as soon as the power light comes on release the power button and both pedals). Michael, is there any way you could look into making Loopy/Loopy HD work just as well with profile #3 (iPad mode) and/or profile #1?

  • Yes the pedals(cicada is the one I'm using now exclusively) are reporting the correct keystrokes in the binding setup screen but sometimes it will report and sometimes only if you press the pedals numerous times.

  • Then once you do get a pedal to report the correct keystroke and you choose "toggle record and select next track" it WILL NOT ask you to select track. It will allow you to "Add New Binding" without this usual step and the pedal will not work.

    I hope that made sense
    If not

  • Ah, I just figured this out - it's a problem introduced by iOS 6, and it just affects the arrow keys. If you set the device to another mode, the problem will be solved.

    I've fixed the problem in the dev version, will release it with the next update.

  • Awesome!

    It works !!!

    Thanx a billion

    I know you gotta bunch of other stuff to deal with so I really appreciate you taking the time

    Can't wait for the update :)

  • Hi Michael and All, I just got the Cicada. I'm having no trouble creating bindings, but I'm getting latencies from them. James927 Wrote, "I found that the 3 (of 5 possible) settings on the Cicada that can create bindings with Loopy are left/right, up/down and space/enter." I got latencies on all three. It may be my imagination, but the latencies were different among the three. Is that possible? Space/Enter seemed to be the lowest of the three, but still not really musically useful. For Cicada forum users, are there workarounds? for Michael, I know latency is part of Bluetooth. Is it reasonable to hope that the Cicada can work in realtime to be musically worth the trouble. I actually bought the Cicada for page turning sheet music, but a foot pedal is exactly what I need for loopy when playing guitar, fiddle etc. Thanks as always for a fantastic product and fantastic support!


  • hi! Is this forum still updating?
    I have a question is Loopy apps works well on iphone 5 and IOs 7++?
    I experienced purchasing other loopy recording apps but it's not responding. I tried to contact error issue but no one reply or even fix that.
    Is loopy apps currently updating for incompatible issue?
    I want to make sure before i buy another one.
    Thank you very much

  • yeah, there are some spider webs in this forum... michael is also the developer of audiobus, and he must be very very busy with the ios7 thing...
    hopefully there will be a major update after this storm has passed...
    i hope so.

    ...otherwise loopy will die of sadness and envy... because it's little brother "audiobus" is taking all attention and time of the father.

  • There's certainly no deliberate abandonment on my part =) I'm doing my best to keep things moving, although @ecco_cello is correct in saying most of my attention's taken up with Audiobus lately.

    @Moemoe, I'm afraid I didn't see your issue; could you post it again?

  • Which cover from the correct side of the pedal sustenance to the left sideways .it is not likely to complete such ways with comfort and facility without moving position.

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