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Experience of replacing Guitar Amp

Hi All,

Thought I'd share my experience of replacing my guitar looping setup with Loopy Pro.

Old Setup:
Electric Guitar=>8 Guitar Pedals=>Pigtronix Infinity Looper=>Orange Tiny Terror Valve Amp
Beatbuddy drum machine => Monitor Speakers
Midi Foot Pedals: Boss FC50 to control Eventide H9 guitar pedal

New Setup:
Electric Guitar=>4 Pedals => RME Babyface Pro FS => Ipad Air 2020 => Monitor Speakers
Midi Foot Pedals: Boss FC50 => Blackstar Logic Live to control Loopy HD

Cost Comparison. The cost of new setup is roughly the same. After selling my Amp, Looper, Beatbuddy, and some pedals, this paid for an Ipad Air and the Babyface Pro FS.

Advantages of New Setup:
1. Loops are recorded by default and able to produce/share
2. Quicker to navigate presets on Ipad
3. Eventide and FabFilter FX are outstanding quality
4. Babyface Pro FS has really good sound quality. Although expensive, I also use this with my TV / Ipad / Computer as a DAC so it gets used a couple of hours every day. My dedicated guitar looper got only used a couple of times a week.
5. Portable setup and can plug in headphones. If needed can be run just by touching Ipad and without foot controllers.
6. Able to edit drum backing sequences
7. Playing at lower volumes reduces ringing in ears. (Even 5watt valve amps too loud for home use.)
8. Greater number of channels for loops
9. Evolving platform

Minor Drawbacks:
1. I personally still need analogue drive pedals (distortion / fuzz) to get same sound.
2. Having to program drum tracks - these come bundled with Beat Buddy

Cheers and hope this is useful.

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