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Blackstar live logic compatibility?

Anyone using a Blackstar live logic pedal for loopy?
Would you suggest it?


  • I think you should ask this in the FB group as well in the discord server to get feedback from more users.

  • Hi Zytyi, I am using a Blackstar live logic. It works perfectly. The positives of this unit are soft switching foot-switches, lightweight, and it has a Midi In Port. This means you can keep adding more Live Logics or other controllers if you need more buttons in future.

    My MIDI chain is like this: Boss FC 50=>Live Logic=>Babyface Pro FS=>Ipad.

    Boss FC-50 goes second hand about $50 USD compared to live Logic which is $170 USD.

    A lot of the value in Blackstar Live Logic is that it can be programmed. However, Loopy Pro can also be programmed and to greater extent! From a simple CC change, you can trigger multiple changes in Loopy Pro.

    This means a non programmable, older cheaper unit may well do the job. However if you go for second hand, you will have to read the manual and check the MIDI will work. As an example, the FC-50 toggle button doesn't work for me (yet) so I'm only using 5 out of 6 buttons. Still this works out at $10 USD per button and not $28 :)

    Overall yes, would recommend!

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