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Syncing 12 bar tracks against a four bar drum sample

Hello. I am new to Loopy Pro and can see what a powerful tool it is. But I am having some problems getting started.

I have imported a drum loop of four bars. Now I want to create other colors for the longer song form of 12 bars. I will be playing bass and guitar on these colors. I can set those new colors to be 12 bars by swiping up on the colors and changing to 12 bars. But, I cannot figure out how to sync the start of the color recording such that recording starts at the top of the four bar drum loop (beat one of bar one). I have been playing with the play and record quantizing options, but still, when I click and release in the color for bass, recording starts right away, not at the top of the drum loop. I have tried setting the Start of the new clip to sync with Loop and Master. But still, recording always starts as soon as I release my finger from the new color. I know that there must a way to do this. Is there?


  • Hey @sfishman - How odd! It should be working the way you describe pretty much out of the box; would you mind sending me your project so I can take a peek at your settings? You could email it to [email protected]

  • Michael. I kept digging into the forums and Wiki and have found out for what I was doing wring. For other that might be havin a similar learngin curce, the wiki posting that gave me the answer is: https://wiki.audiob.us/doku.php?id=loopy_pro_set_loop_lengths

    Here is how I am now set up to do what I want to do:

    While the initial four bar drum loop loop plays, on my first 12 bar loop I will star playing bass using the threshold setting. After that is done, for the other 12 bar tracks, I can keep them in sync for starting and stopping by setting their count in and count out synchronization to Loop.

    Thanks for offering help, and thanks for building such an amazing tool. I have been watching the many videos of the amazing creativity that is unleashed by Loopy HD and Loopy Pro.


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