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save binding / waiting for event grayed out

I am trying to use the AIRSTEP light as a looper in connection with the Spark 40 Amp and Loopy HD.
Everything works fine until the point I have to bind the Footswitch to the event/action of toggle recording on/off. Both buttons (waiting for event/ save binding) are grayed out. I have tried a lot of things with support by xsonic. Till now nothing works. I am not able to save the binding.
Are there any suggestions to get out of this?


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    Hey @startlooping - if it says "Waiting for events" still, even when you're tapping the footswitch, then Loopy HD isn't seeing any MIDI coming in. You'll need to check your connections, make sure it's working properly.

  • I’m having same problem with softstep. Also the SSCOM port is grayed out?

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