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Continuous overdub stops working for additional overdubs to a clip

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When I am overdubbing, I'd like the loop to keep adding layer after layer until I stop recording.

However, this only seems to happen for the overdub after each loops initial recording.

In other words, if a loop is playing, and has been overdubbed once, and I want to overdub on top of that, it will only keep overdubbing for one loop length (record exactly one overdub loop) and then stop adding to it, even though it still shows as overdubbing.

Does this make sense? what setting am I not understanding here


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    Ok I have more information -

    Every clip behaves as normal the first time I am overdubbing on it. But when I have overdubbed once, then switch to play, then overdub again, it only records for one cycle (it seems to be doing the "rerecord" thing or something).

    I thought I could switch to Loopy from the RC 505 but if this is part of the deal I don't think I can

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    That’s definitely not intended behaviour, @paleonyx. I just tried that here and couldn’t reproduce it…Would you mind giving me either some step-by-step instructions to reproduce the issue or a screen recording showing it?

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    Yes absolutely.
    On a clip:
    record a first loop. then let it play.
    record again on the same loop as it's playing. It lets you overdub, adding layer after layer, and playing them back as you add new layers, until you stop recording.
    Play that loop.
    Do the exact same thing to the loop. Overdub another layer, let it keep recording.
    After every cycle, as it is overdubbing the second time, the loop still shows as recording but deletes everything that has been recorded after the first loop of that overdub - not only do you not hear the extra layers accumulate, but you can see each addition being cleared out once it loops around again.

  • It would be super cool if we are able to set the exact amount of overdubs per clip, per color, per group.

    Let's say for clip 1 you want to have exact 2x overdubs after recording. And for all clips of color red you want to have 4x overdubs.

  • That is not an option I think that would benefit many people. I think getting overdubbing to work as its supposed to is more important. I think I am gonna have to return my ipad tomorrow (the window is almost expiring) and i'll get a new one when this is figured out.

    Michael - I'll see if I can capture a video, but I just wanted to say that what you have created is really amazing and it's worth buying an ipad for just to replace my old looper. Thank you for responding, and if you can't replicate it, I might just buy another ipad so I can show you. I'm buying the ipad for this software only!

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    Wow!!! I can reproduce that @paleonyx and damn, how did we all miss that 🙄 On it now, fix will be out in v1.0.13 in a few days, maybe a week or so.

  • @Michael said:
    Wow!!! I can reproduce that @paleonyx and damn, how did we all miss that 🙄 On it now, fix will be out in v1.0.13 in a few days, maybe a week or so.

    Awesome! I guess most users probably only do one round of overdubbing. I can't emphasize enough how thankful I am that you are fixing this. I have been doing professional looping for ten years, have extensively checked out every hardware looper and its CRAZY how many of them are chock full of features without having some basic musical functions that actually make them musical instruments and not toys.

    Loopy pro is so much slicker than it has any right to be for its price. I hope that it continues to do well!

  • Thank you very much!

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