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Does Loopy Pro support midi out or triggering drum synth AU plugin?

What title says, basically create midi pattern loop and provide pattern like workflow i side Cubasis 3, for example. Route midi to another AU plugin. Loopy Pro and Digistix 2 are the only products on the market that do not have sync bug and support absolute host position. Koala, Beathawk, Drambo, everyone else have this bug: https://forum.audiob.us/discussion/48673/ios-auv3-sequencers-playhead-position-issue-drambo-koala?

But both Loopy Pro and Digistix 2 are only samplers, right?


  • LP's just a sampler, but you could use it as a host of an AUv3 MIDI sequencer plugin like Atom/etc, to drive a synth. Standalone only, though, an AUv3 can't host an AUv3.

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