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FX predefined by colour for live monitoring

Hi All,

I’m currently running plug in FX on my guitar input (Eventide and Fabfilter). This works well and as you’d expect records the effected signal. The downside is I need lots of buttons-six to control track select, record, stop, tempo, undo and clear all, and another six to toggle the FX on off on the input track.

I’m thinking of trying to use just one six button midi controller.

Is it possible to predefine the FX against the respective colours, and if so, can these be previewed / monitored through by toggling onto a colour using “select next track” and before loop recording takes place? If this worked it would mean a dry signal is recorded with FX on the track even though each track is monitored wet.

If this can be done I could save toggling FX on off and instead navigate to the track with the pre defined FX.

Thanks a lot!




  • You can almost do that - you can certainly record dry and monitor wet through the colour channels - but currently there’s not a way to toggle monitoring via an action, which would be necessary to switch the effect monitoring through each of the channels. I’ll add that to my todo list.

    Until then: I dunno how many clips you have, but if it’s a relatively small number you could feasibly combine the clip select button with effects selection too, in a sequence (you can program sequences for bindings, as well as single actions)

  • Thanks Michael, I usually have 4 clips. Right - I could assign 4 footswitches to select each of the clips and trigger the relevant effects on /off. Thanks! :)

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