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Loopy as a pad player

Hi Loopy users,

I'm looking for an iOS sampler that I can use as a midi controlled pad player.

The pad sounds are long samples in all 12 keys (semi-tones), I'm using a Keith MacMillan 12-step midi foot controller to trigger the pads/samples. I'd like only one sample to play at a time, ideally with a long(ish) 2-3 second cross fade between pads.

Can loopy HD do this?

So here's how I plan to use it (for example)...

  1. Press 'C' on the 12 step, this starts the pad in the key of 'C'.
  2. I perform a song in C
  3. When finished, I press 'G', the 'G' pad fades in, while the 'C' pad fades out' over 2-3 seconds
  4. I perform a song in G (the last song in this very short set)
  5. When finished I press 'G' and the pad fades out.



  • Hey Charlie - Loopy Pro can do that; Loopy HD is just a looper though.

  • Can you give me any advice on the set up to make it work like this?

  • I would say.... make a template with 12 loops. Put in the samples.
    Make a button for every loop that plays and fade in a loop while fading out all others.
    Connect(Midi learn) the buttons to the macmillan

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