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Midi message to set tempo on Zoom G3

I wanted to share this.
With the custom midi message you can make a button that sets the tempo on a Zoom G3.
I use the G3 as a audio interface. And that works great. Now I can also set the tempo before I start a loop and have all kinds of tempo based effects before the first loop on a tempo I like.

There are 3 midi messages you should send:
F0 52 00 5A 50 F7 (enter edit mode)
F0 52 00 5A 31 06 08 xx yy F7 (set tempo)
F0 52 00 5A 51 F7 (exit edit mode)

xx=hex 1 to 128
yy= 00 (+0) 01 (+128)

So if you want to set BPM to 100 xx=64 yy=00 (64 is hex for 100)
or 200 xx=48 yy=01 (48 is hex for 72 +128)

Other Zoom products also listens to midi messages but are slightly different.
This can all be found on internet

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