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Default Loop Length?

Hi - maybe simple, but I can't figure out in Loopy Pro how to set all new loops to default to (4) bars, especially if the first drum loop is (1) bar.

Any input appreciated!


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    The easiest way is probably to set the master length - https://loopypro.com/manual/#the-clock - see "Master cycle length". And make sure record quantization and auto count-out is on (https://loopypro.com/manual/#clip-settings)

  • Thx Michael!

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    Hi Guys! I have the following Problem: Every time I erase a Clip with a Swipe Up Gesture, it sets the Loop Length to the last recorded Loop length that I had in that Clip instead of leaving the Clip length unset. Son for Instance if I record a 2 Bar Loop and erase the Clip to make a new Loop it automatically sets the Clip to 2 Bars. Is this kind of a bug? And how can I update Loopy Pro? Any Input appreciated!

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