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Visual Feedback (Midi Fighters)


I have two Midi Fighters (A Twister and a 3D). I want to have visual feedback on both but I can't make it work. When binding a knob from the Twister to a knob widget in Loopy, when I twist it in Loopy it will not respond correctly on the Twister. It just snaps to a fixed position and it also won't pick up, although I've set the pick-up function on the widget.
On the 3D, I want to send continuous midi values to the buttons so I can make them light up, so I know where the sounds are (I trigger One-shots this way).

How can I do this?
Thanks a lot :-)


  • Hey!

    Try turning off pickup - I don’t think that’s gonna be helpful for the MFT.

    You mean you wanna use the 3d knobs as audio analysers? You can do that with the envelope follow action for each clip; just add a send midi action.

  • Hey Michael,
    thanks for getting back to me :-)

    For the MF3D, I just want to send constant Midi messages to the buttons. E.g. in Ableton Live I can just set up a midi clip and send that to the MF3D, then by setting different velocities, the pads will light up in different colors, e.g. the bottom left I can make it red, the one next to it yellow, and so on. Makes it easier when finger drumming.

    AS for the MFTwister, I have some dials in Loopy and I automate them at certain points, when I do this, the LED ring around the knob on the Twister won't follow accordingly and the next time I use the knob, the value will jump.

    Hope I explained that right.

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