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Midi CC OFF messages are not recognized

Loving the app so far but I can't seem to get loopy pro to receive a midi CC OFF message. I have tested the device sending the midi messages with midi wrench and can confirm that the CC messages are being sent from controllers properly. It appears that loopy pro receives them unconventionally.

Sending ch1 cc27 val=127 (or any value between 1 and 127) and loopy sees 'cc27 on' and a second later it updates to 'cc27 hold'

Sending ch1 cc27 val=127 and quickly following that with ch1 cc27 val=0 prevents the message from changing to hold after a second (see previous example).

Sending ch1 cc27 val=0 and loopy does nothing

IOW Loopy Pro seems to treat any value between 1 and 127 as an ON value. While 0 appears to be treated as some sort of end of message signal and does nothing. Most midi devices treat any message 64 or above as an ON value and any message under that as an off value. Can anyone shed some light on this?


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    Hey @monkey - thanks!

    Yeah, LP by default assumes that you're using momentary CCs, thus detecting an on followed by no off as a hold - if you're using a toggle CC and want to bind something to an off, tap the trigger and select 'off'.

    I'm about to tweak that UI so that when LP detects a hold, it'll show a tip explaining what's happening.

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    Thanks so much for the quick response! You are really on to something great!

    I get that the 'hold' is simply an on with no off. I just can't figure out how to send an 'off' message. I have been sending midi messages via Momentary as well. Here is another example of what I'm stuck on for further clarity:

    Button one set as momentary
    Down - sends ch1 cc27 val=127 this shows up in LP as cc27 'on'
    Up - sends ch1 cc27 val=0 this does nothing in LP (I was expecting an 'off' in the learner)

    Button two is similarly set as momentary but I tested with a value of 1
    Down - sends ch1 cc27 val=1 this shows up in LP as cc27 'on' (shouldn't this be considered an 'off' due to < 64)
    Up - sends ch1 cc27 val=0 this does nothing in LP (I was expecting an 'off' in the learner)

    It seems to me that LP should interpret any CC value less than 64 is an 'off' message. I was expecting the following functionality for Momentary buttons:

    Down - sends ch1 cc27 val=127 should show up in LP as cc27 'on' (and it does)
    Up - sends ch1 cc27 val=0 should show up in LP as cc27 'off' (not happening. Should be 'off' for any value < 64)

    Or is my understanding that < 64 should be 'off' by convention actually due to the default binding of other equipment I'm using?

    Apologies if my brain needs calibration ;-)

  • Ah, okay - yeah, no, LP doesn't automatically fill in "off" triggers in the learn mode, you have to select that. If it did, then it'd only ever learn "off" triggers, because off usually follows on. And usually you want an action on press, not on release.

    Just tap the trigger, and select "Off", and bob's your auntie's mistress.

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