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Major issues with loopy.

So I have a iPhone 12 and an iPad but right now I’m trying to get loopy pro working on my iPhone.
First off I’m not using headphones only the iPhone speakers and it sounds horrible and it’s also only coming through one speaker. Everything is distorted unless I turn it down then I can barely hear anything.
Also is there no way to reverse a loop? I’m sure you can but it’s nowhere to be found on the app.
On top of that I have crashes all the time when I go into the audio editor part, mostly when I’m trying to slow down or change the pitch of a loop. After depending 30 bucks I’m really disappointed cause the only one speaker thing. If I run it in AUM the sound quality is fine and it comes out of both speakers. No I don’t want to run it in AUM so this isn’t a option.
I’m probably gonna file a complaint with Apple and try to get my money back cause this app feels really unfinished.


  • So I just tried my loopy hd and the sound quality is great and working through both speakers. It’s loud and clear with no distortion like loopy pro. I’m not going to be a beta tester after spending 30 bucks. I’ve decided to ask Apple for my money back.good luck!

  • Also no reverse yet! Even free apps have reverse. Lol

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    🤷 Sorry to hear you had some trouble, but not much I can do if you don’t wanna talk.

    For the record: my guess, without any more info, is that one of the speakers in the iPhone is a bit damaged and is having trouble putting out higher volume audio. Loopy Pro mutes the speaker closest to the selected microphone, so that it doesn’t produce excess amounts of feedback when looping.

    Four suggestions:

    1. select the other microphone, which will cause the other speaker to be driven instead, by tapping the hardware input icon in the top of its channel strip in the mixer and tapping “Microphone Selection”
    2. remove the hardware audio input, for playback only,
    3. disable Echo Cancellation by tapping the hardware and put icon in the mixer and then turning off the switch, to enable both speakers (you won’t be able to record loops without lots of feedback though)
    4. Use headphones or an external audio interface

    Reverse and other time effects are coming soon, but they were lower priority at time of launch. They’re in the “Up Next“ section in the roadmap: https://roadmap.loopypro.com

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