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guitar recording. monitoring gives me clean sound, but recording has the right patch when I listen

If I set loopy Pro to record through one of my guitar amps apps, I can only hear the regular clean sound wheile playing. However, it records with the right patch, it’s just that I cannot hear it while playing, which in some cases gives me unwanted results. I have tried 3 or 4 of them ad they all do the same thing.
am I doing something wrong?


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    Hey! It sounds like you’re adding the effects on the colour channels, which means you will record clean, but the clean audio will then be passed through the effect on playback. That’s a perfectly reasonable way to do it (You can also add it to the input channel to apply the effect to the recorded signal), but you’ll probably want to enable monitoring through the colour in question.

    Tap the input channel icon, then the button beside “Monitor Through”, and select the colour.

  • Thank you. I'll try that. I also just discovered that I can add software synths into the loops, which is great, but each time I record one, there is crackling in the background that is not present at the time of recording. I am in the 7 day trial, but I am definitely going to buy it, but I'd like to solve these teething problems sooner rather than later.
    To be more specific, I'll insert a Synth like "Synth One" and record a loop. When I listen back there is a quite annoying background sound similar to a guitar plug with a bad contact or a crackling volume pot, plus the sound is distorted.
    I can probably export it and post it if it helps. Otherwise, I love the looper.

  • Damn, I'm sorry to hear that @conticreative! I've just installed Synth One and tried it here and I'm not getting the same results, which is annoying. Here's what I did: Started a brand new session, opened the mixer and tapped "Add Inter-App Audio Input", then selected Synth One. Connected my MIDI keyboard, and added it via the mixer, then set Synth One as the destination. Then recorded a loop. CPU (on my old iPad Air 2) was sitting at about 35%, running at 48kHz and 256 frame buffer duration, and both the live audio and recording sounded fine.

    What happens if you follow those same steps? Do you still get crackles?

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