Loopy freezes when synced to SP555 through IO Dock

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  • Loopy is freezing up every time it receives clock messages from my SP555 running through the Alesis IO Dock. Has anyone experienced anything similar? How can I prevent this?

  • Eck - that sounds annoying. I'm afraid I've not seen anything like this, but I'm watching keenly for more details if they come in.

  • Alrighty, well thank you!
    I'll continue to try as many combinations as I can. hoping to get to the bottom of this! :)

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    Hey Michael, I'm having a similar / the same problem: everytime loopy receives a midi clock (through the ioDock, no matter what the source is) signal it goes totally wild and freezes. This renders it useless for me. In another thread u are referring to a new version of loopy... It's not out yet,is it? I really like what I assume I might be able to do with your app, but right now I can't use it. Another big problem is the stereo/mono handling which is already addressed in another thread - you didn't fix that as you said... Or am I missing something? Btw, this problem doesn't occur with other apps that are using the inputs mono or stereo... You name it, I didn't find an app that has this problem. It would REALLY be useful and render your app from "theoretically nice" to "killer"!

    Edit: nevermind the Mono / stereo thingy, I did indeed miss this one... But the midi problem remains... Big time bummer!

  • Hmm, this is going to be a tough one to debug. Have you guys seen any vaguely similar problems with other apps that receive clock input via the IODock?

  • No, nothing that I can think of at the moment... If I can do anything to help, let me know!

  • Righto, thanks - I can't guarantee an overnight solution on this one, but I'm gonna try my darndest =)

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