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Multi-core audio ?

Does or can Loopy pro do multi-core audio processing @Michael ? With the new ipads there's a lot of potentially untapped potential, it seems like. I know little about the technical details, I'm just curious! And I'm a power user of processing resources in my projects, using a lot of plugins :)

Cubasis implemented multi-core for ios in its update 3.2. Quote from comments of the attached video:
"On my iPad Pro M1 I can run 30 instances of Model D in Cubasis, while in AUM it’s only 9. That‘s quite a difference. I think doing this properly is not trivial and I guess Steinberg had got the advantage that they could more or less port their solution from Cubase. For the indie developers it is surely quite a big task to come up with a good implementation that also has a good latency."



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