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Merging on Loopy Pro disappear L/R balance...?

Hello, I'm trying 7-days free trial of Loopy Pro now. I've already purchased Loopy HD, and I think it is wonderful app, so I am considering to use the successor app Loopy Pro. But I've noticed today, when I merge audio clip, and its L/R balance disappears...
For example, I record audio into clip 1 and clip 2, and set each of their balance (pan) as left and right. And when I merge clip 2 (right) to clip 1 (left), audio from right would be gone, and all sounds come from left which I set as clip 1 last time. I can change the balance of the merged audio on clip 1, then I know it is not stereo but its monaural... I'm sure that Loopy HD can keep balance of clips even if clips merged. Perhaps I haven't find a setting which it makes possible (but still I couldn't). So please tell me how can I make leave clips' L/R balance when I merge them on Loopy Pro.

I am using...
Smartphone... iPhone SE 2nd generation (iOS 15.3.1)
Audio interface... YAMAHA AG03
MIDI Controller... KORG nanoKONTROL Studio
(and also Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter)

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