Importing sounds from "Seline Ultimate" in Loopy

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Hello, I use Loopy with my iPad3 and Alesis iODock with iOS6.
As an other soundapp I use Seline Ultimate! This App has great drum sounds. In the Hardware Midi settings of seline, there is a switch " In: Loopy HD". After starting the Drums in Selline as a loop, I can hear the sound in my Headphones. I close seline, sound is still there. I open Loopy, sound of seline is still there, but no reaction on the Loopy meter!
So, how can I import this sound from Seline Ultimate in loopy.


  • Hey,

    So weird that you've asked - I'm getting these kind of questions more and more as Audiobus gets closer to launch, and it's freaking me out. The answer is: You can't, and never have been able to - but just wait =) (and until then, Google "Audiobus").

  • But I did, I think it was a function of Seline to send Audio, and the have changed it.
    Maybe Iam wrong. Waiting for Audiobus.
    Nevermind and don`t freak out!

  • Hey Michael, sorry sorry sorry, I got the solution, how I did it.
    I was playing the sound of Seline over my Monitorspeakers and recorded it through my Mic back to Loopy. Grazy, but this works.

  • Hehe - only freaking me out in a this-is-weird way =)

    This might just be a simple misunderstanding: MIDI != audio. MIDI is a very simple information format that describes how to create audio. It consists of a stream of notes - say, A# at velocity 128 on channel 1 at time 1, then A# off at time 2, so on. You can send that over Virtual MIDI on iOS to an app with a built in synth engine, which will generate its own audio, based on that.

  • Ah, yep, that'll do it. For now.

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