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Hello Michael!… and thank you for your tireless work on LP. W.O.W. Full stop. Here’s a “simple request” - if I’m not missing it somewhere - to be able to Label your Hardware inputs. I often have 5 or 6 inputs - and with only the MIC icon at the top, it can get confusing. EITHER a way to label the track (where they are at the bottom) … OR … I had the idea of a little panel where you could have a dozen little icons, and we pick one - which replaces the little mic at the top of the channel strip. (Think Logic, with the icons on their tracks).
A little visual cue is all it will take! Having so much fun with Lp - you Michael, are a wizard and a gentleman! Cheers!!


  • I Was looking for just the same thing, maybe I have missed this as well. Could there be a follow gesture to solo/mute inputs ? I am sure you can set a midi command but would make it more (Less) brain work to set and forget.

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