No sound from the Spark app to loopy HD

Hallo all,

I am new here and have a question.
I have a guitar and to play. I have a spark amp, Airstep lite, iPad (15.3.1). So far so good. Now I have loopy HD. I have connected the iPad to the spark with a lighting adapter. I want to record some music to loopy. how can I get the music direct from the spark to the loopy app?

It is now recording from the intern iPad-mic and there is more noice recording that I want (I hear when I am tapping the foorswitch)

Can someone help me?

Thanks in regards
Jan huisman


  • Hey Jan. If you’re still hearing audio from the mic it means iOS can’t see the Spark amp. Maybe a dodgy cable?

  • Hi Michel,

    I think that’s the problem. Had an old cable and buy next week a new one. Hope this will solve the problem.



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