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Unable to start IO unit - After locking and unlocking the iPad

Hi! I have just started to test a new Scarlett 18i8 interface with Loopy Pro and everything sounds fantastic. The only issue I have is that once I want to pause working, if I lock the iPad and unlock it, Loopy just never gets the interface again. I tried disconnecting, connecting again, turning off the interface, etc. The only solution I have now is to completely turn off the iPad, turn off the interface, and start over again.

Any ideas?


  • Hi! That’s very odd, let me get back to you soon. Just juggling a few things right now.

  • Thanks @Michael indeed I discovered that to reproduce the bug you need to set the sample rate at 96khz, just minimize the app and open it again and you will se the error. This does not happen at 48 or 44.1khz. My best regards.

  • Ah thanks for the extra info!

  • i can't reproduce that here ; ipad (2018), LOOPYPRO, Percussa SSP audio interface
    whatever audio rate i use (48/96/192) i can change the output frequency on the fly (while playing), locking the ipad and coming back to LOOPY, everything will continue to work/output sound

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