Adding sound effects

I am new to this so please be patient if my question is strange in any way (I bought the app for my iPhone a couple of minutes ago) or if I have posted it in the wrong section.

Would it be possible (in the future) to add sound effects to each track, such as reverb, delay and so on. My suggestion would in that case be that it could be added to the "coin swiping" menu were the options of deleting the track is. A fourth section could be "Sound effects" or just "effects". This would be grate for me to use on live performances since I am a saxophone player it it would really be great to be able to add some sound effects.

Best regards
Johan Riedenlow


  • Hey Johan,

    Effects will be coming soon, so yep, that'll be possible. It won't be tomorrow, but it's coming. It'll work through Audiobus sooner than that, though, so there's not too long to wait (mind you, that won't be per-track quite yet).

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