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Can't get BT-4 pedal to connect to Loopy - what are alternatives?

I've been stuck on trying to get a Bluetooth pedal to work with Loopy since... forever. Got a BT-4, seemed like it would be great, but... not only is it not recognized by Loopy (I'm sure operator error on my part, but I've tried everything), but the buttons are latching, so it takes two pushes for a momentary switch. And they're stiff and noisy. So I'm thinking that, even if I learn the magic trick to get it to show up in Loopy, it might not be the thing. I also tried an iRig Blueboard, but the less said about that the better.

So... what are people using for hands-free operation? Needs to be Bluetooth, and preferably something that doesn't cost a fortune.

Many thanks,



  • Hi Myles, silent switches may limit the options. Suggest to check out a Bluetooth adapter like Yamaha MDBT-01 for $30 US and a find second hand older midi controller. Roland GFC50 works well for 5 buttons and cost me about $50 US. I run this into a Blackstar Live Logic for another 6 buttons but this newer unit is around $200 US. Hope this helps!

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