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B(auto) beat/bar loop detect/info/stretch

What if the second loop is way off the first ; different tempo, another bar/beat ~ how to manipulate that loop start and end points ; i move the handles in the recording / clip window, but i cant make the loop end point fall into that - the loop always plays same length, even with extensive manipulation of both time stretch and pitch -

also, that window is way too small to work in ; if you grab the stretch handle, you cant see the waveform anymore

~ make it possible to lock the loop (start / end ) points so if you found the right loop length (fitting & all) , moving (the loop) through a longer sample with a locked length yields interesting results**

~ make it possible to Set a startpoint, different from the left handle ; so the first loop play is from the start point, consecutive ones from the left handle

~ where are my samples/recordings? =>they’re not** in the library

  • Why cant i acces my library without a apple subscription? (Media/media library Requires an apple account because ‘you can only use downloaded music ?,?..!’)

~ why there’s only one time (the first loop recording) a little sign (audio wave) topleft to enter the correct loop length/tempo etc?
How can i enter that screen again, and with later recordings (too)?


  • Ps. I record loops through an usb connection from outside (other hw sources), they’re not necessarily in same key or tempo as the original

  • so the workaround here is to start a new project, sample your loop/audio and then export it
    repeat for every loop/audio that's not having the same tempo as the previous loop
    after you built a library like that, start a new project
    then you can import all loops / audio from the media library and these will be stretched to whatever (first) loop/audio tempo you set/use

  • Not sure if this helps, but if you click on the bpm there is an option to reset the master timing information so you can sync it with a new loop.

  • will try - is that [BPM] in the clip edit ?

  • Bpm counter icon in the top right

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