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Combined Midi Control Trigger (Hold + On)

Hi everybody,
Right now I am mapping my Novation LaunchControlXL MkII and would like to utilize the Mute, Solo and Record Arm Buttons on the right side of the controller.

Example goal I want to archive is:
HOLD Mute Button + Press Track Control 1 Button = Toggle MUTE Action for Orange Color Group

At the moment I can not figure out how to have a combined Midi Trigger. Any suggestions?
Is this where the defer Other Actions Toggle comes into play? If yes I would appreciate an example for my goal.

What I have come up with so far as workaround is duplicating my Midi Control Profile and do a swap profile Action on Mute Button pressed in order to have the track control buttons on the bottom of the controller assigned with mute actions.

But I really would prefer to not have to manage X amount of profiles only to emulate combined Midi Triggers.

Best Regards

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