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Bugreport: AUV3 mute/idle while playing a midi note create a midi error from next unmute on

Hi Michael,

i found a small bug and here is a short demo video:

Written Explanation:

  1. I play a midi note on a AUV3 instrument and keep the note pressed.
  2. Then i mute the instrument. (This also sets the instrument in idle mode which is a great feature.)
  3. Then i release the note.
  4. When i unmute the instrument, I can play and hear it again.
  5. But the exact note (or notes) I kept pressed before will not play as usual. It seems like the release information is not recognized by the app anymore. So the specific note will always play long.

This also happens with hardware midi keyboards and every AUV3 app I tested.

Perhaps a solution:
I really like the automatic idle when you mute an app so it frees computing ressources. So I hope you keep it like this. :)
Perhaps a possible solution is to send the "midi panic command" and/or actively release all playing notes just before letting the app go to idle and ignore other midi input in this time.

It's a small bug but I would like to have it fixed because a like to switch between multiple instruments by always solo between a group a a few AUV3s.

Thanks in advance.


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