Chaining loops together?

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Okay, I'm having great fun making 12 track loops. I can save 'em, import 'em, etc. But I don't understand how to chain loop files together. Can I do so? Also, I don't quite get how to use the record button (the one next to the reset session button. I assume I just press record and it records every move I make until I press record again. Is that right? Is there a tutorial or FAQ on this one? Thanks. Great App!!!!!!


  • Thanks @spiralup!

    By "chain", do you mean insert them end-to-end? You'll need to do that in audio editor app, and then paste it in.

    The record button lets you record a live mixdown of the session - anything you hear coming out the speaker (or recorded via the mic, if you have that on in settings) will be recorded. You can find those recordings in "Recordings".


  • Thanks, Michael. Great product! I understand the record button now. As to end-to-end, I'm trying to create A/B/C parts in Loopy, analogous to scenes in Ableto Live. Since I can't chain within Loopy, I guess I could use track merging to create triggerable parts. Can you think of other ways to do this?

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    Ah, I see. Currently, track merging's the only way to do it, but I'm planning on adding track groupings soon.

  • First message, so hello everyone !
    To me, this is a major functionality, as it is included into RC-50 and RC-300, which made these hardware looper's the best...

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