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Loopy Pro and Studiomux

Studiomux is a brilliant tool to stream audio from eg. an iPad per track to a DAW like Ableton Live. Unfortunately it is still buggy and the developer doesn´t find too much time to update it.

I have a problem with Loopy Pro within Studiomux:
It is not possible to drag an AUV3 instance of Loopy Pro to the fx slot of Studiomux. The Loopy Pro icon disappears immediately. With the looper app Enso for example there are no such problems. I guess it is a problem with Studiomux. I asked in the Studiomux forum of course but wanted to mention it here too. Michael, maybe you have an idea for this? By the way: It may took veeeery long for Loopy Pro to appear but it is so genious and super fast! Thanks a lot! :-)

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