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Some small bugs

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(Loopy Pro) @Michael , I'm having an issue with XY pads - the X and Y parameters keep resetting, seemingly when I copy the project file and later re-load the original(??) It stays on the correct plug-in in the selection list, but the settings always revert to defaults.

Also, I've experienced a few times that auv3(s) suddenly go missing from a project upon load, so that its square in the bottom bar is blank and it doesn't even know what used to be there (when opening it it just says effect doesn't have any controls).
What's worse is, this then affects ALL the save points too, so there's no way to undo it, it looks like.


  • Very strange! I’ll take a look. For the second issue: is it always the same AU, or different each time?

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    @Michael said:
    Very strange! I’ll take a look.

    I could send you the project file. Thing is, there's a whole bunch of plugins loaded, which, albeit most being in idle mode, could be part of the reason for weirdness. The processing load isn't high though, only 10-20ish%. Its on the newest ipad mini which packs quite a punch.

    For the second issue: is it always the same AU, or different each time?

    It's been different ones, specifically Overloud TH-U and iFX are the ones I've seen it with so far, and in all cases (I think) there's several instances (A, B, C etc) of the same AU, and one or more of them go missing.

  • @Michael
    I replicated the disappearing AU issue by exporting my project which has a bunch of plugins in it, and then loading that exported file. Couple of blanked out squares in the bottom bar.
    Should be a clue, I hope.

    I'm also seeing an issue where, after re-loading a project/ save point, some AUs with multiple instances lose their presets I've saved with the project, in that all the instances suddenly default to the same preset.
    I've seen this with Overloud TH-U, PhaseThree, Tonestack pro, Geoshred.

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