Auto beat detect issues

Hi all,

I just set up loopy pro today with a recently purchased Airturn 6 Bluetooth foot pedal and my guitar. I’m pretty excited by all the options this app has….
My issue is that I have been struggling to get my first loop in time with the auto beat detect option. It seems to often jump around and not use my start end times.
I’m a pretty experienced looper and my hardware looper is a Boomerang Phrase sampler. I usually have no issues setting up a loop without sync or quantisation.
I am excited by the auto beat/tempo detection as it would allow me to begin playing and then sync apps and devices AFTER instead of before…so I’m pretty keen to have that freedom. But at the moment it seems way to jumpy to try this live…

Any ideas? It seems the way this works is to analyse the loop and trim for the best fit. That doesn’t seem to work for me…is there a mode that I’m missing?


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