CWE Xkey Air 25 doesn't work - Loopy Pro

edited January 15 in Equipment

It works fine with Loopy HD and all my other BLE compatible apps but my Xkey Air disconnects itself within a minute as soon Pro is loaded. In that short time I can bind a NOTE but it won't trigger the Action. I'm on a iPad Air 2 with iPadOS 14.8.1. Latest midimittr, Xkey Plus. As long Loopy Pro is not running, the Xkey will not disconnect itself, even when not in use. This really sucks because I used the Xkey to select and arm tracks etc. Hope this will be fixed soon!

If I don't do any MIDI Learn, the Xkey keeps connected in the background, even when Pro is running. From the moment I bind a NOTE, it will trigger the action (Play/Stop) only once and immidiately disconnects the Xkey and I need to quit all apps, disconnect Bluetooth in System settings and turn off/on the Xkey to reconnect it again. Dissapointed!!

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