Sync Problem

Hey, I'm new here. Love the Loopy. Wondering if any one could help me out with a quandary.

I am using an Alesis i/o Dock and am trying to sync Loopy to an external clock coming from hardware (an Electribe or a Yamaha rs7000) but can't seem to get it to register the clock at all. I have the E and Y RS 7000 running the clock output signal right as I can get them to clock to each other but no dice in getting the Ipad to receive that signal.

I have the Midi monitor app running and am not receiving any clock signal at all showing up. So I think it probably isn't a problem with loopy but perhaps with the dock or ipad...

Any clues would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Solved with an Alesis I/O Dock firmware update!

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