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Loopy pro with Amplitube

Hi, first of all a big thank you for starting our new year with such an awesome piece of innovation. I’m so excited to explore the possible.

I am however a beginner so forgive me if this is stupid question. Can Amplitube be added as an effect directly in Loopy Pro? It’s not there when I add an effect, also missing Crystalline for some reason.

Reason I ask was that I was hoping I could have each pair of clips setup with different Amplitube effects/setups so that I don’t have to keep switching to Amplitube to select the desired effect when performing or recording. For example I have a bass effect and I’d love to have that preset on the yellows so when I start recording it applies that effect.

Also will Loopy Pro become an output in AudioBus at any point? I’m adding LoopyPro as an effect in AudioBus to get the output but noticing that the sound quality is not as good as my old setup with LoopyHD as an output.


  • Hey! Thanks for the kind words!

    I’ll add IAA support to Loopy Pro soon, which is the older technology now replaced by audio units, and which you will need in order to use Amplitube/Crystalline - but notice that IAA is quite limited compared to AUv3, and you can only ever have one instance at a time. So you would still need to switch back and forth if you’re going to continue using Amplitube, until they build an AU version.

    I’m actually yet to decide whether to implement Audiobus support too, which I know is kind of funny given that I made it as well. I just feel that AUv3 is a better technology (which I could never hope to make within AB as a third party developer!), and it makes sense to use Loopy Pro as the host/centre.

    That’s pretty strange that you’re getting degraded audio quality in AB though – would you be able to show me example (using screen recording for example)? Maybe it’s something I can fix.

  • Audio quality sorted, was my mistake in AudioBus setup. Working perfectly now and IAA support will be great as I have a few apps I use for acoustic guitar. I must say now I’m used to it I love using Loopy Pro as the host/centre especially when you customise the layout, so powerful.

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