External mics into iO Dock vs. iPad 2 built-in mic

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Newbie here, sorry if this has already been answered:

For recording microphone input, my instance of Loopy on an iPad 2 docked to iO Dock seems to only look at the built-in internal mic, not external mics plugged into the iO Dock. Looked thru Loopy's built in help, and this forum. Haven't found any info.

TIA for any help you might have.

GREAT program, great support!


  • I have an iPad3 with Loopy and iODock and sometimes I only hear the speaker of the iPad and not the Monitor speakers I have connected to the iODock Main out.
    I than switch the iODock OFF and On ,than it works.
    May be this will help you to!?

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