Best way to set-up a full live show?

I want to migrate my whole live set over from Ableton Live to Loopy.
It's quite big though, so my first attempt was to use the pages, so each song is it's own page. Unfortunately this seems not to work, as already 3 songs in the project I get drop-outs each time I play new loops, after switching to a new page.
It seems Loopy has trouble loading the samples? It only happens the first time, after having several groups played on a page it works perfectly fine, only to run into the problem again after switching to a new page/song. (I'm also changing the BPM for each song with a widget button)
Is this something that will be fixed, or is it a known limitation, or am I approaching it the wrong way?

I really like Loopy :-) It's way more convenient to bring the I pad with a controller to gig and not the full space ship (Macbook with Ableton Live)


  • I also realised that it will not work out in terms of controller setup. When I assign a button on my controller to trigger groups on a page, it will do that globally. So when I switch to a different page/song and want to trigger these groups with the same button it will trigger all groups from all pages. Would be cool to have Midi bindings work only for currently shown page.

  • Hey @Keychee!

    Oh wow - very strange that you’re getting drop outs! Is there any chance you could send me your project (I’m [email protected]) so I can investigate? LP should be able to handle that just fine.

    I’ll be adding page limits for colour/group actions soon, so that’ll work. I’m also going to be implementing cross-project transitions very soon, which may work even better for this.

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