List of auv3 effects recommendations for use with Loopy Pro

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  • The Fabfilter stuff; Timeless, Pro-Q, Saturn, Volcano etc.
  • TH-U multi fx
  • Tonestack Pro multi fx
  • Koala FX
  • PhaseThree; Mutron Phaser model
  • RRS EQ3 maag style EQ
  • Nembrini Black & ClonMinotaur - free great overdrive/ distortion pedal models
  • MixBox multi rack fx
  • Eventide stuff; Spring reverb, Blackhole, QVox pitch shifting delays, Crystals
  • WOOTT Over The Top compressor
  • CHOW TapeModel - free great tape machine emulation
  • TB BitJuggler lofi fx
  • Voice Synth vocoder
  • VoiceRack FX for vocal hardtuning
  • SpaceCraft granular sampler/synth
  • Turnado audio mangler
  • Klevgrand REAMP
  • DevilSpring reverb; based on impulse responses
  • TB Reelbus; tape compression, saturation etc.
  • TB Enhancer (ToneBoosters have lots of good ones)
  • Roxsyn guitar synth
  • ChowCentaur (another free Klon overdrive model)
  • RE-1 tape echo
  • iFX rack multi fx
  • Harmonizr
  • Kleverb
  • Koala sampler

Anyone got anything else of interest? :)


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    • Maze rider Vocal auto-leveler
    • Bass leveler - Feel and flow
    • RRS bass enhancer
    • PCM2612 lo-fi effect
    • RX950 classic AD/DA converter effect; emulates S950 sound
    • Nembrini free 'analog' effects, there's a bunch of em
    • GyroVibe
    • Stereo Lag; for Haas effect
    • Intensifier transient shaper
    • Wider
    • Klevgrand LUXE Audio enhancer
    • Brusfri noise reduction
  • Thanks, this is brilliant to have to hand and I'm going to work my way through them over the coming weeks. Do you know of an auv3 app that turns your acoustic guitar into a bass guitar? Amplitube has one but that is IAA only.

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    I use an electric guitar but I think the following should still work for you if amplitube does:

    • Tonestack Pro and Overloud THU both support auv3, and have pitch shifter and bass pedals, plus bass amps, though I forget whether any of those are available in the free versions.

    • Bandshift does pitch shifting.

    • Also you can use Midi Guitar 2 to convert audio notes into midi in realtime and then trigger midi bass in Garageband.

    I don't think any of these sound as natural as pitch shifting with loopy pro, but unfortunately I don't think there's a way to use that feature in realtime, only during playback! @Michael is that correct?

  • @s6mike
    Yep, yep and yep :smiley:

  • Great list thanks!
    For pitch shifting I can recommend Eventide QVox. Good features and doesn’t use too much cpu. (I own a Micro POG as well but planning to sell it because for simple guitar to bass conversion the app is fine.)

  • Thanks @Bnjiman, I’ll check it out.

    Been using the pitch shift in Loopy Pro and the quality is excellent, just would be great to have it in real-time as you play. Might not be technically possible.

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