Toggling record from a drum pad

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I used to use the Lexicon Jam Man and I could attach a Roland drum pad to the footswitch input and was able to turn record on and off, which allowed me to record loops without putting down the drum sticks. I am trying to work out how to do this with Loopy and the ipad but still can't find best solution as to what gear I would need. Does anyone know?



  • Hi Andrew,

    If you want to use your Roland trigger to control Loopy you'll need something to convert the signal to MIDI (say a drum brain or trigger pads, or maybe even a keyboard), plus a MIDI interface for your iPad (eg iRig MIDI, Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer II). It won't be cheap (unless you've got something suitable already), and it'll probably be pretty bulky.

    Loopy's latest update added support for Bluetooth devices, meaning you can control Loopy with a Bluetooth pedal such as the AirTurn or Pageflip Cicada). This would certainly be a more elegant solution. I've just found a good review on the two mentioned here:

    Alternatively, if you wanted more control, you could look into getting a floor MIDI controller such as the Behringer FCB1010.

  • Hey man, thanks for that, I'll be looking into that for sure, Cheers

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