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AUM & Audiobus limits Output choices in Loopy Pro

I'm a guitarist (read into that what you may). I would like to do something that seems quite simple but is proving to be challenging in Loopy Pro: Guitar - Behringer UMC404HD - Bias Effects Guitar App - Loopy Pro with the outputs on the Behringer ending up as follows: Out 1 - Click Only, Out 2- Unused, Out 3 & 4 - stereo out that includes the Bias Effect processed Gtr and all loops from Loopy Pro WITHOUT THE CLICK. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to do this. Every time I try to insert Loopy Pro into an AUM or Audiobus chain, the possible output options are reduced to two (instead of four which I see when using Loopy Pro standalone). I realize looking at some of the crazy stuff being done that this may be a really rudimentary question, but I have really searched and can't find a solution for such. Any push in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hey @mcriscione - yes, currently LP doesn’t expose more than one stereo output when it’s used as an audio unit. I’ll be doing two things shortly: adding multichannel output as an audio unit, and also adding support for IAA in the standalone version so you’ll be able to use Bias from there

  • Hi support for IAA will be FANTASTIC! Thanks can’t wait…

  • Thank you so Michael! I’m so excited at all the possibilities this will open up. Congratulations on the release of this groundbreaking masterpiece. Well, well worth the wait!!!

  • @Michael said:
    ...and also adding support for IAA in the standalone version so you’ll be able to use Bias from there

    With that one sentence you just saved me $120, because I was about to buy Overloud TH-U just to be able to load a guitar AU into Loopy Pro. Thank you!

  • Whoa! It’s $120?! I am undercharging 😄

  • And thank you guys!

  • @Michael said:
    Whoa! It’s $120?! I am undercharging 😄

    YOU are wondercharging! But yes, Loopy pro is absolute GOLD <3
    Also, that TH-U price is for a complete bundle, its their (amazing) amp and distortion models that cost the most.

  • 😄

    Ah, fair enough! I mean, fair enough either way really.

  • We have IAA now, but only for inputting into LP, right? I can't set it up so I can route multiple IAA channels out of LP and into AUM!?

  • Nope. But multi in/out for the AUv3 is on the roadmap (https://roadmap.loopypro.com/loopy-pro?card=6232868b82e991002a92f8f8)

  • That's definitely cool, but my problem is that I'm using AUs in Loopy and when using Loopy as AU these don't load. I would then need to drag them out of Loopy and put them in a channel in AUM but then I can't control parameters with widgets and it also breaks different setups with different projects.
    Any chance IAA outputs will come at some point?
    Or a mixer inside Loopy that is static and will not change when loading projects?

  • ...or input/output buses that live outside projects on kind of a master app level?

  • Any updates on multi out? I'd love to have more routing flexibility in AUM!

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