Are AUv3 parameters available in Loopy Pro?

Hi Michael and supporters

I was trying to setup hands free midi looping with Geert Bevin’s newly released app MIDI Tape Recorder.
I didn’t find the parameters for adding bindings to control his app in the AUV3 app launcher window in Loopy Pro?
Did I overlook something obvious?

Geert’s answer: “MIDI Tape Recorder exposes all its operation through AUv3 parameters. These parameters can be controlled by your plugin host in various ways, including MIDI mapping or MIDI learn, which in turn allows you to connect a MIDI foot controller.”

I know that midi looping is on the roadmap for Loopy Pro - Geert Bevin’s MIDI Tape Recorder’s source code is open source, so maybe you can implement some of his ideas into Loopy Pro or make it easier to take advantage of the capabilities of his app in Loopy Pro?

I guess there are lots of great AUV3 apps out there, which will show their true capabilities if their parameters are available/accessible for midilearn etc in Loopy Pro.
Again, maybe I just didn’t look the right places?

Cheers Måns, Denmark

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