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Bug? Changing screen orientation switches loop ids

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The loop IDs, and the currently selected loop, do not stay consistent even I change between portrait and landscape.

So charging the orientation to landscape means that loop 2 is suddenly a different colour and sample to what it was in portrait.

This impacts midi control behaviour for example. A midi control set to start a particular loop or colour will start a different loop when the screen orientation is changed. This is very confusing!


  • @Michael I think I should have put this in support and feedback section

  • Hey @s6mike - actually, the loops themselves don’t change, the entire session rotates to fit the new orientation. If you don’t want to rotate, then turn on Orientation Lock in settings

  • No - the loops do change. E.g Loop 3 will change from orange playing one sample to yellow playing a different sample.

    The numbering order is always the same, left to right, top to bottom, in either orientation. So the top left is always loop 1 but a different loop in each orientation.

    My trial has expired but i think i can still take some screenshots to illustrate so i'll add those in a couple of days.

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    See here:
    orientation 1
    orientation 2

    This isn't just a superficial difference - it affects midi and follow actions.



  • Yep, that’s deliberate behaviour; clip numbering is always left to right, top to bottom. If you don’t want the project to rotate, turn on orientation lock in settings and it’ll stay put

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    I get it from a dev perspective, but in what realistic user scenario is this deliberate behavior the right behavior? Does it only make sense during initial page layout, before any clips have been recorded?

  • Exactly my thoughts. I cannot imagine any situation in which this behaviour is an advantage for any user.

    I can appreciate Michael that you've had to move mountains to building such a complex and powerful app, and that fixing this could be a real headache. I just think it's is a very surprising and unexpected behaviour.

    It's not that i don't want the screen to rotate, it's that i want the loop ids to stay the same regardless.

    I change my orientation for a variety of reasons. For example some auv3 windows work much better in landscape than portrait and vice versa. So locking the phone orientation would get in the way of this.

    So instead, I have to be very careful instead of using the app in a free and natural way. My midi profile needs to be configured for a specific orientation. Ditto for the follow actions. And if I change the orientation for any reason in the middle of playback then the behaviour will change.

    Which is frustrating for what is otherwise an incredibly sophisticated and polished app.

  • Just realised that i hadn't used the built in orientation lock, just my iPhone orientation lock.

    And your built in one is definitely an improvement - looks like the au windows will still switch orientation while the loops stay locked.

    However I can't be sure because my trial is over. Would be good to know.

    I still think that having the ids change with the orientation is going to confuse the majority of users (the ones who change orientation and use follow/midi at least)

  • Oh interesting! I hadn’t noticed that Loopy Pro has its own orientation lock in addition to the OS-level one. It does indeed seem to work, although things can get a little funky depending on which orientation you’re in when you enable or disable it, causing it to use portrait layout in landscape and vice versa after you disable it. But in general I think it’s a reasonable solution.

  • You can rename the clip. So they will not change at rotation.

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