Feature request: Remote control of loops in other Loopy Pro instances in Loopy Pro..

edited December 2021 in Support and Feedback

Hi Michael and LoopyFriends

I am having a blast with 8 iPads (4 iconnectivity sound cards) and a computer (running Ableton).
All 8 instances of Loopy Pro are setup to start and stop via Ableton Link (Ableton is actually not needed).

It is very convenient to walk around between the different work stations and record different instruments into loops.

In a setup like this, with multiple instances of Loopy Pro running in sync, I’d love to be able to remote control individual loops running on other instances of Loopy Pro from the one I am using atm…

Maybe the color coding idea could be extended even further to help implement remote control of other instances of Loopy Pro on the same network in a meaningful way?

Thank you for developing and delivering a wonderful and very creative tool for music making!

Cheers Måns, Denmark

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