Feature idea : punch in / out in sequencer. Edit : already implemented

edited December 2021 in Support and Feedback

A new way to set the recording of a loop or a one shot:
When a clip is empty and when one set a first “box” (not sure how to call it) in the sequencer. This box can be red instead of green and define the punch in and the length of the clip (or punch in punch out).
When the sequencer is in control and the punch in is reached for the first time, it does record the clip automatically. Maybe with a “wait for punch in” in the clip widget.


  • Ho my ......
    This feature is already implemented. Didn’t realized !
    This is amazing

  • However,
    It does not work very well for one shots: you cannot set the length from the sequencer as you can do with loops.

  • Ah, cheers for the feedback! I'll make it easier with one shots

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