'Shifting' or 'Sliding' Wav

What a great app this is! - Is it possible to move the .Wav file back and forth? It would be awesome to work with the timing within the hoops.


  • Yep! Rotate the loop with two fingers. A similar gesture will be coming on the linear version in the clip screen.

  • Thank you! Cool. What an amazing instrument you've made! - I look forward to work that way in the linear view too.

  • This is indeed a super cool and useful function!

    It would be handy if we can move back and forth a clip OR a colour via MIDI:

    1. with a MIDI CC knob back and forth without raster (like the actually two finger gesture)

    2. several options to move back and forth more accurate version:
      +- 1 bar
      +- 1/2 bar
      +- 1/4 bar
      and so on...
      +- 1 part
      +- 1/2 part
      +- 1/4 part

    and a MIDI assignable RESET button to have back the original loop.

    And all everything live on the fly while performing. This would be so cool!

  • My goal would be having later (if technically possible and once implemented) a page per loop (or colour) to have all TRIM and timing settings fast viewable without the need of deep menu diving. Would be good to have the free possibility to make a template with all the buttons (+ 1 part, -1 part, +1/2 part, -1/2 part etc.) you need to have a very quick workflow while performing live.

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