Adding Samples/Loops via iTunes

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Great app. Downloaded it last night after searching for something w/ Loopy's capabilities.

I added a bunch of samples I'd like to use as material for looping via the documents window in iTunes. 2 questions

1) They aren't visible in the application, so they were listed in iTunes. Does Loopy only play specific file types?

2) Is there a way to edit the files once in the app? Eg. I have a sample I'd like to play and loop only a segment of, but I'd like to keep the longer file on hand for manipulation. Should I just cut it up before hand and import various versions?



  • Scratch that. I just hadn't played around with the interface enough yet.

    Hold down, click import. Done :)

    Really, great app.

    If anyone's wondering, i seems to me perfect for augmenting existing set ups. I'll be running it into a mixing board.
  • Thanks heaps, @thenewobjective! Glad to hear you got it sorted.
  • @thenewobjective could you please explain how you managed it? I would like to add e.g. a Drum-Loop made with Cubase as a MIDI. How can i import this Drum-Loop into Loopy?
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