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That would be a KILLER feature..

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I saw a while ago your development with a drum editor combined with some drumkits samples and export midi function..Great ...but what would be a killer would be being able to Import MIDI drum loops into Loopy and have them played by Loopy drumkit ( or any imported drumKIT SD2 format for example) . Every musician already owns a thousand of Midi drum loops with state of the art grooves. So we could have a midi drum loop player combined with an audio looper with the acclaimed ease of use of Loopy . Personally I 've been looking forward this kind of app for ages...


  • Ooh, that's a great idea! Love it, consider it done, once the sequencer's ready =)
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    Hi guys!
    i really LOVE your App! its brilliant, but there is only one problem...
    I like to use AmpliTube (another iPhone app) to modulate my voice in real time and to add some effects (octaver, reverb, distort etc).
    But when I start to rec my voice in Loopy, using it on a background and filtering my voice in AmpliTube the same time, only my clean voice with no fx is recording :(

    Please, do smth to rec voice through filters, like Dub FX and Beardyman do:)
    Or allow your app 2communicate with other apps that can modulate incoming sound.

    and That would be a KILLER feature..=)
  • Wow, I'm actually surprised it was recording in the background at all - I didn't know that was even possible!
    iOS doesn't let apps record audio output from other apps (that would be some nifty magic if it did, though!) - if you can copy audio in the source app, then you can paste it into a track, but that's the best we can do.
    That said, though, I'll be implementing effects really soon, so Loopy will do it all for you =)
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    that`s wicked, man! please learn AmpliTube and VocaLive! Because all effects there are so cuuuuute!

    By the way, you can sell different effects, like AmpliTube and VocaLive do ;-)
    they earn a lot selling that stuff.

    and what FX exactly you want to add in Loopy?

    i want.... no.... i damn need an octaver, compressor, WAH, delay and distort. ))
    and it will be AWESOME 2 control your FX in realtime, right during rec!!!

    man, I know, you`re wisard! do this please)))
  • Hehe, you got it - but to really help me out, could you vote/add items here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=question&id=219136051461469&qa_ref=qd - I'm keeping track of this poll =)
  • Hello people , I think what would really be cool is if they could add voice activated instrumental
    Effects per track synth effects if possible something simple like ,flange ,reverb ,delay .just a
  • what about more than 6/9 loop controllers?) *greedy*
    Michael, try to design system that will allow to turn on/off and manipulate new features and filters during not only when da loop recording, but when it`s playing too
  • @2lea, you can have 12 =)

    I'll definitely be doing filters on output (and possibly per-track), as well as input, no worries.
  • I see the basic functions everywhere on this forum. I still have to wait 2 weeks before I have a iPhone so I can't look for myself yet. Is there also a solo button/function? So if al the loops are playing and you press 1 of the loops it will go solo. Or do you really have to press all the others to quite them down?
  • Hi @delah; no, no solo function yet. If there's sufficient demand, I'm happy to consider it, though.
  • @michael: Great! Hopefully I'm not the only one.
  • Hmm... How about a 3-finger tap? Is that too many fingers? =)
  • lol... I let you know when I have my iPhone.
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