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Can One-Shot samples play independently of the master tempo?

Can anyone advise if it is possible to have one-shot samples not be affected by the master tempo?

I’m trying to make a template for a live DJ set, which includes a page of one-shot pads, each with a 2-3 minute song loaded up. For whatever reason I cannot seem to get the settings right to make the songs play at their respective native tempos, independent of the master.

Is this something obvious I’m overlooking?


  • For example, in AUM the file player grays out the options for adjusting BPM of a one shot, but in Loopy Pro the one shots are behaving like loops, with options for time or pitch stretching methods.

    Am I overlooking something simple?
    There are only quantize options available, so one shots are always synced to the master BPM and must be stretched in some way…is that correct?

  • Update for anyone interested, the conclusion is that all one shots are bound to the master BPM currently. This was answered in the Audiobus Forum recently.

  • Not sure if I completely understand what you're saying, but One Shots can be imported without time stretch. Original rate/bpm is preserved unless you manually change it for that clip. You can trigger a One Shot independently of the master clock. E.g. set playback to Free, Play Once, Play/Stop Quantisation = None; Hold to Play optional.

  • To clarify, one shots are affected by master tempo changes regardless of settings.
    That is essentially a loop that doesn’t repeat, while a one shot should have the option to ignore the master tempo changes completely, like a hit rather than a loop. With the current restrictions it’s tedious if you have one shots already loaded and change the project tempo, because you have to go through each individual one shot pad and adjust the tempo or delete them and re-import after a master tempo change. This is restrictive when trying to have a template that includes drum hits, stabs, announcements/vocal tags, or whole tracks on pads for a live DJ set (like a soundboard/file player/loop-sampling mixer) Also complicates the process of having one shots of various tempos and sampling loops from those one shots in a live performance (like cue points on a DJ mixer).
    It seems like an odd option to omit in my opinion. I’m not sure why a one shot would be bound to the project tempo by default, I can really only imagine a couple of use cases where that would be useful in a live performance scenario - vocals/lyrics possibly, to bend all sounds at the same time (though a live tempo change is not always smooth in Loopy Pro currently).

    The workaround I have been using is setting AuditorAU File Player on separate mixer inputs, then making MIDI buttons that trigger each separate input. It’s not ideal because it can crowd the mixer and it requires more setup than just having the option on one shot pads, but it has most of the desired functionality. This also requires follow actions to reset the project BPM somewhere in the workflow, typically I put that after a loop delete (basically like resetting tempo after clearing a cue point on a DJ mixer).

  • If I’m misunderstanding, please let me know. It seemed odd to be missing this option, that’s what initiated my confusion.

  • Ah, I think this is our disconnect: I haven't been importing one shots as "one shots", just audio files into 'donuts' and then setting them up to play as one shots. I've been struggling to understand what is different about one shots in LP except for the different graphic and initial settings. But you can certainly set up a one shot in a 'donut' to behave independent of master clock, and I've not had any issues with importing changing the master tempo.

  • No matter what settings you choose on import, whether into a donut or square pad, when you change the project BPM the sample will be affected/stretched in some way.
    There currently is no way to change the project BPM without affecting the playback of samples.

    When the project BPM is reset completely, the first donut that is recorded sets the new project BPM, which then changes how every other loaded sample plays (stretches each sample from their respective original BPM).

    If there is no project BPM set then donuts can’t play, only square pads.
    That is the only significant difference between the two types of sample pads as far as I can discern.

    This means that there is no way to have a sample pad function like a hit, only like a loop (whether repeating or playing only once) if you want to sample a loop from a one shot or change project BPM on the fly.

  • edited January 2022

    I will shortly be adding the option to turn off time scaling for clips. This should actually already be the default for one shots – need to investigate why that might not be happening.

    Sorry about the respond delay!

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