Cannot send Note Off

Hello there,

I was trying to make a pad to send Notes to an AUVs instrument.
I have assigned to a button the triggering of the note via the "Send MIDI message" action on "Press". Okay. The problem is that the note is never release. What does one Press is this (monitor with a MIDI spy):
CH1 NOTE ON 60 127

The note stays sustained

So then I tried to solve this by configuring the "Release" by sending the same note at 0 (the only option I found).
However it seems that a note at 0 is never triggered, it is completely ignored by loopy pro. Seems to be a bug, no ?

The only thing I can do is to send, at release, the note with a velocity of 1. Which is okay for some instrument but not others (ChordPolyPad for instance).


  • Found a non-ideal workaround with streamByter, with the following rule:
    9X XX 01 = 8X

    It does transform any Note On with a velocity of 1 to a Note Off

    I think it could be great if loopy pro is sending a Note Off when a note midi message is set with a velocity equal to zero. Isn’t it ?

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